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Our family literacy programs are designed to help children and parents improve their reading, writing and language skills. At the same time, our early childhood programs teach parents and childcare providers to become full partners in educating their children. The programs are bilingual and serve low-income families. Our mission is to empower families to better their lives and to pass along to their children the importance of education and lifelong learning, so that their children can achieve the success their parents dream for them.




  • Southwest Early Learning Communities (ELC) provide free training and resources to parents and caregivers so that they can prepare children to be “ready to learn” when the children enter school.
  • Early Head Start provides early education services to families in the 48210 zip code with both home-based and center-based options for pregnant women and children 0-3.
  • English Language Learners operates at four elementary schools and offers English Language, parent education and parental participation in the child’s academic success in the child’s classroom.
  • Early Childhood Mental Health supports the healthy social and emotional development of children. Home based services for pregnant mothers and children 0-3 focus on developing a healthy attachment between parent and child. Home based services for children 4-6 focus on relational skills in the home and school environments.
  • Great Parents, Great Start (GPGS) serves families with children newborn to age four. Its goal is to promote the overall health and cognitive development of young children, and to provide parents instruction and access to services to give their children the best start in life.
  • Early Care Organizing is committed to turning solutions and ideas into action and advocacy to ensure that every child has access to quality child care. Organizing includes building on existing infrastructure and programs through the Quality Rating Improvement System in collaboration with Great Start Collaborative Wayne. Early Care Community Organizing also supports childcare providers through a network of more than 50 caregivers who share experiences, resources and program enhancement.

Developmental screenings:

Regular developmental screening in the early years makes sure that children are on track, and helps identify areas where additional support may be needed. Families with children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years of age residing in Wayne County can complete a FREE Ages and Stages (ASQ-3) developmental screening. It only takes  a few minutes to complete and a developmental screening specialist will follow up with an individualized email to offer supports and resources. Click on the link below to get started now!






Our Early Childhood & Family Literacy main office is located at 7060 McGraw St., Detroit, MI 48210 (in the former rectory of St. Andrew Church). For more information about any of our programs and how to enroll, please contact us at 313.896.2800 or email us.




  • Our Early Learning Communities (ELC) Hubs registered 4,125 participants and provided training and support to more than 1,500 parents and childcare providers, impacting 6,000 children (birth to kindergarten)in 2012
  • 114 caregivers reached Level 10 (the highest recognized level) in our ELC program in 2012; in 2011, 121 caregivers graduated from our ELC program, representing almost half of all ELC graduates in the tri-county area that year
  • Provided 922 ELC events in 2012 to promote healthy early childhood development, including trainings and enrichment workshops, play and learn groups, story time, healthy life style classes, social-emotional development trainings, and community event
  • A dozen participants who have been enrolled in ELC have been accepted into continuing education programs; 50 ELC participants achieved executive level on our ELC Leadership Board in 2011
  • Our ELCs participated in two world-record breaking events in 2011 involving reading and fitness
  • Our Southwest ELC hub is now an endorsed Great Start Regional Center
  • Early Care Organizing, in 2012, facilitated a major conference for 150 childcare providers; took 300 families on field trips; distributed 4,500 RIF bookss
  • Early Childhood Mental Health served 67 families in 2012; 100% of children with behavioral problems improved
  • Great Parents Great Start served 96 families in 2012, providing seven home visits to each
  • 92% of children in our English Language Learners Program in 2012 were promoted to next grade level
  • In 2012, began the first Early Head Start (EHS) in southwest Detroit, as part of a major collaborative initiative led by Starfish Family Services
  • Significant increase in parental participation among families served in our programs

More than 80% of the families we serve in our Family Literacy programs are Spanish-speaking. In southwest Detroit, more than 40% of the population is Latino. More than half of the Latino adults in southwest Detroit do not have a high school diploma, and the current dropout rate among Latino teens in southwest Detroit is the highest among all high school students in the city. Without a good education, the generational cycle of poverty and social alienation continues to turn. Our mission is to break this cycle. Our programs serve families at the lowest rungs of literacy and are designed to facilitate social mobility by enabling greater confidence and success in school, work, and the community.

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Our Early Head Start program

Our Early Head Start provides free, comprehensive child development services to low-income families through both home-based and center-based programming. Early Head Start (EHS) serves pregnant women and children birth to three years old. The goal is to improve the health and readiness-to-learn of chiildren before they enter preschool and kindergarten. Our EHS is the first program of its kind in southwest Detroit.

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