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The English Language Learners Program (ELLP) is a literacy initiative focused on non-English-speaking families. Southwest Counseling Solutions runs the program at four elementary schools in southwest Detroit. The English Language Learners Program serves families with children in pre-kindergarten through third grade. It not only teaches parents English, it allows parents to spend time in their children’s classroom to help them with schoolwork. Parents both learn with their children and learn to support their children’s learning. Supportive child care services are provided for siblings of pre-K - 3 children centered on pre-literacy and early childhood education.



Southwest Solutions’ English Language Learners Program (ELLP) serves low-income non-English-speaking families with children in pre-kindergarten through third grade. The families we serve typically come to us with little literacy in English.

Parents attend 4 or 5 half-day sessions per week. During adult education classes, parents learn English using the same curriculum as their children, so that parents will be prepared to help with their children‘s homework. For 30-45 minutes a day, parents sit in and experience firsthand their child’s classroom or after-school program.

Our ELLP program currently operates at four schools:

We also offer supportive child care programming for siblings of the children in the ELLP program. The program enables young children to become "ready to learn" before entering kindergarten. Its mission is to help parents become full partners in the education of their children, and to help children reach their full potential as learners.

To learn more about ELLP, contact Susan Griffin at 313.896.2800 or email her.


Developmental screenings:

Regular developmental screening in the early years makes sure that children are on track, and helps identify areas where additional support may be needed. Families with children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years of age residing in Wayne County can complete a FREE Ages and Stages (ASQ-3) developmental screening. It only takes  a few minutes to complete and a developmental screening specialist will follow up with an individualized email to offer supports and resources. Click on the link below to get started now!





Our Family Literacy main office is located at 7060 McGraw St., Detroit, MI 48210 (in the former rectory of St. Andrew Church). For more information about any of our programs and how to enroll, please contact us at 313.896.2800 or email us.





  • English Language Learners Program worked with 72 families in four elementary schools in southwest Detroit in 2013
  • Significant increase in parental participation among families served
  • 2009 study by the National Council for Family Literacy (NCFL) rated our ELLP program "outstanding" and found that children in the program significantly improved their overall academic performance, self-confidence, classroom behavior, social skills, and family support
  • Same NCFL study found that parents participating in English Language Learners Program (ELLP) significantly increased the time devoted to reading to their children
  • Our Family Literacy program has been rated as the best in the nation in outcomes of parents reading to their children, parents supporting their children’s academic achievement, and parents expecting their children to graduate from high school and then complete college (these outcomes were measured when our program - now called ELLP - was part of the Toyota Family Literacy Program national network)

Our English Language Learners Program initially began as part of the Toyota Family Literacy Program (TFLP), which has has created more than 200 program sites in 26 states. Program sites are developed in partnership with local community agencies. Of all the TFLP sites across the country, Southwest Solutions’ program demonstrated the best results in increasing the literacy levels of parents and children, according to the Toyota Program’s own metrics.

Our English Language Learners Program continues to lead the way in raising the literacy and educational expectations of parents and families. Parental expectations and involvement are critical factors in determining a child’s success and motivation in school.

Southwest ELLP makes a significant difference for families participating regularly in all four program components: early childhood education, adult literacy, parenting education, and parent/child interactive learning. For both parent and child, the difference goes well beyond the present. It improves future prospects and strengthens family relationships.



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