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Please note: This program has ended. This page is for background and research puposes only.  Detroit GreenWorks Solutions provided disadvantaged community residents in greater Detroit job training and opportunities in the rapidly growing green industries sector, such as weatherization, landscaping and forestry. The program was a consortium of local nonprofit organizations, led by Southwest Solutions, dedicated to fulfilling the employment needs in various green industries in our area. The collaborative project was implemented through our Center for Working Families.



Please note: This program has ended. This page is for background and research puposes only.

Individuals can become proficient in these job opportunities:

  • Weatherization
  • Deconstruction & Material Reuse
  • Green Construction

  • Retrofit Technologies
  • Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Energy Auditing
  • Landscaping
  • Forestry
These opportunities are part of the two major training programs that Detroit GreenWorks Solutions provides:
  • Weatherization/deconstruction
  • Landscaping/forestry
Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the job training, individuals must be a resident of the area.  Anyone seeking training through Detroit GreenWorks Solutions must fill out a pre-application form.

To download a printable flyer about Detroit GreenWorks, click these links:

Program background

In January 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced that Detroit GreenWorks Solutions was awarded a "Pathways Out of Poverty" grant authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Detroit GreenWorks Solutions continues through DOL funding via Jobs for the Future and the Detroit Regional Workforce Fund - Green Jobs Innovation Fund.

Program goals

  1. Provide disadvantaged and under-skilled individuals training and job preparation for successful employment in fields showing potential for long-term growth and stability.
  2. Offer employers a pool of high-quality job candidates who are professionally trained, work-ready and motivated.
  3. Promote economic stability and growth in the local community through training and employment opportunities.

The Center for Working Families at Southwest Economic Solutions is located at the Welcome Center at 2835 Bagley, Suite 800, Detroit, MI  48216. To learn more about Detroit GreenWorks Solutions or schedule an appointment, call us at 313.841.9641 x. 363 or email us.

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Training descriptions (Partner-offered programs)

Landscape Industry Certification
Softscape Instillation, Hardscape Instillation, Turf Maintenance, Ornamental Maintenance, Irrigation

Certified Green Industry Program
Nurseryman, Landscape Design, Landscape Contractor, Landscape Manager, Garden Retail, Irrigation Specialist

Certified Landscape Horticulture/Arborist
One year Landscape Horticulture Certificate with specialty in Arboriculture (option)

Six week program that is a combination of classroom learning and hands-on practice that prepares students to become weatherization specialists and deconstruction workers. In addition to the classroom and lab training, there are three weeks of field experience deconstructing a house available through upscale training. This course is taught by professionals and instructors from both the WARM Training Center and Henry Ford Community College.


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