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Children, Youth and Families
Our family-centered programs serve children and youth who have a severe emotional disturbance, have been adjudicated by the juvenile court, or are at risk of being placed out of the community due to behavioral problems. Our mission is to help children and youth change their lives so that they will make decisions in the best interests of their future and wellbeing. We use a Wraparound Approach to create a plan of care that is tailored and well-suited for each child or youth we serve. We partner with the young person's family and engage the agencies and support services needed to help the child or youth succeed.


  • Clinical services for children and youth with serious emotional disorders and their families
  • Juvenile justice services for adjudicated and at-risk youth
  • Developmental Disability Services provide therapy and coordination of services for children and youth (0-17) with cognitive deficits, cerebral palsy, autism and other conditions that result in substantial functional limitations.
  • Wraparound Services engage the family, service providers and others in a process of coordinated care to meet the youth’s needs and maintain the youth in the community
  • Cornerstone program or Transition Age Youth Project (TAYP) is a promising new initiative to help young people with serious mental illnesses integrate into their communities and lead productive lives as they transition to adulthood
  • Youth United  is youth-led initiative that promotes youth voice, youth participation and youth partnership by using positive youth development values and philosophy

We have a proven reputation for client-focused, innovative solutions to complex and challenging psychological, family and social issues. Our experienced and highly trained staff can address and help resolve the significant behavioral health issues facing children, youth and families. Our approach is comprehensive, integrated and proactive. We can provide you the best resources and practices to reach your goals. Our aim is to understand your needs and to exceed your expectations by working with you and others who care about you.

Children, Youth and Families (CYF)  is located at 5716 Michigan Avenue, Detroit 48210. For more information about CYF programs, call 313.963.2266. You may also  email us about our juvenile justice programs or email us about our cilinical services.



  • Provided 580 children individual and family counseling in 2013
  • 68% families in counseling achieve their self-defined goals
  • Children made significant gains in functioning at home, school and the community; and had significant decreases in depression and self-harmful behavior
  • Juvenile justice program served 262 youth referred by juvenile court in 2013
  • Regarded as a leader in the Wraparound model and provided Wraparound services to 105 youth; 14 of those families graduated from the program in 2013
  • Served 67 youth in Cornerstone program that helps youth transition to adulthood; 64% improved in their personal therapeutic goals
  • Serious Emotional Disturbances Waiver (SEDW) program served 19 children and youth; two adoptions were finalized, one child was reunited with birth parent, and three families completed the program
  • Developmental Disabilities Services program served 91 families in 2013
  • Early Childhood Mental Health served 57 families and 78% of them made good progress on their goals
  • Based on CAFAS indicators, overall client function is improving across all programs

Our Children, Youth and Families Center of Excellence offers a continuum of services that is both comprehensive and individually tailored to meet the needs of the children, youth and families we serve.

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Feature Story
Community Schools model gathers partners and supports

Community Schools is a promising model that has been making a difference in other urban school districts in the country. The model envisions schools as neighborhood hubs that connect families to community-based programs and partnerships to provide a wide range of services to students, parents and community residents. Many of the services are offered on-site. Southwest Solutions is a key partner at eight DPS Community Schools:

Children, Youth and Families

Juvenile Justice Services

Clinical Services

Youth United

Wraparound Services