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Gov. Snyder Presents Reinventing Michigan


Award to Southwest Solutions


Gov. Rick Snyder presented Southwest Solutions a “Reinventing Michigan” award at the grand opening ceremony of 5716 Wellness on Friday, June 17, 2011.

The award honors Southwest Solutions’ inventive and effective efforts to revitalize southwest Detroit and help its residents lead healthier and more successful lives.

The award also recognizes the unique partnership that Southwest Solutions facilitated to create 5716 Wellness, which provides quality and affordable integrated healthcare services. The building is a century-old, Albert Kahn designed, former cigar factory that was revitalized by Southwest Solutions through a $12M redevelopment project.

"Healthy families are essential to our reinvention of Michigan," Gov. Snyder said at the grand opening. "Southwest Solutions and its partners are providing residents access to health and behavioral care. This coalition has stepped up to provide needed services that will build a stronger community.”

"Putting a former cigar factory to use as a place that now promotes health and wellness is a great example of creativity and reinvention," the Governor continued. "The Reinventing Michigan award recognizes those who make Michigan a better place through innovation and dedication, and Southwest Solutions is a most deserving recipient."

The Reinventing Michigan award given to Southwest Solutions was only the second such award that the Governor has conferred.

John Van Camp, president of Southwest Solutions, accepted the award from the Governor.

“I accept this award on behalf of all the nonprofit organizations in Michigan that are dedicated to helping those who need our help the most,” John said. “The nonprofit community has the talent, capacity and passion to help turn our state around.”

John also recognized the essential role of partner and community organizations, funders, Board members, and the leadership and staff of Southwest Solutions.

“This award belongs to all of you,” John said.

Through a collaboration of six agencies, 5716 Wellness will serve 10,000 low-income and medically underserved families in southwest Detroit, providing medical, dental, obstetrics, behavioral healthcare, and many different counseling, educational and other human services. It is the first integrated health center in southeast Michigan, and is located at 5716 Michigan Avenue.

The grand opening ceremony featured a distinguished list of speakers:

Representatives from the six partner agencies at 5716 Wellness also spoke:

About 300 people attended the grand opening, which was held in the waiting area of Covenant Community Care.

The Reinventing Michigan award celebrates the vision and creativity of people and organizations dedicated to improving their community. The glass award itself was created by artisans at The Henry Ford. It incorporates a light bulb to symbolize inspiration, invention and innovation.

Steve Palackdharry
Communications Manager