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Angela is a disabled veteran looking for a good job and career path. She has a BA in business administration and many other skills. However, there is one qualification she lacks that has been hindering her chances of getting the job she wants.

“Every job I apply for requires a Project Management certification,” Angela says. “If I get this certification, it would definitely enhance my qualifications and give me a leg up.”

Angela is one of 15 veterans participating in a new, intensive Project Management course offered at Piquette Square in the Masco Community Center for Veterans. The free course is five days – eight hours a day. At the end of the week, participants earn a certificate of completion. They are also well prepared to pass a standardized exam resulting in a national certification in Project Management. The cost of this exam is also covered.

The course is offered and organized by Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD), using workforce training funds provided by the Department of Labor and the Department of Defense. The funds come through the Southeast Michigan Community College Consortium (SMC3), which is a collaboration of nine community colleges in the region.

“In today’s job market, Project Management is a critical skill for securing a job and advancing in that job,” says Dr. James Robinson, provost of workforce development and grant administration at WCCCD. “The course at Piquette is specifically geared to pass the exam. We are pleased to offer a program that provides a career pathway for veterans.”

The 15 veterans that participated in the first class included Piquette tenants, participants in the Homeless Veterans' Reintegration Program (HVRP), and other veterans. The course will be offered once a month for at least one year.

Burney Bright is a Piquette tenant who enrolled in the course. “I had been working in the health-care industry, but always on the direct-care side,” Burney says. “I hope to work on the management side one day, and I think this course will help me make the transition.”

If you are a veteran interested in the Project Management course or other employment-related services, contact HVRP Specialist Claudia Edmonson at the Piquette Square office, 313-874-7014 x.340, or at the Southwest Economic Solutions office, 313-841-9641 x.376.


Steve Palackdharry
Communications Manager