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Masco Donates $75,000 to Develop


Community Center at Piquette Square


Masco has donated $75,000 to transform a large room at Piquette Square into a flexible-use space to meet multiple needs of veterans seeking to rebuild their lives after being homeless.

The space will be used for workforce development training, workshops and classrooms, support groups, social gatherings, arts and entertainment activities, meetings and conferences, and other functions.

In honor of the gift, the space will be formally named the “Masco Community Center for Veterans at Piquette Square.”

All 150 formerly homeless veterans residing at Piquette Square will benefit from the Masco Community Center. In addition, another 150 veterans who are currently homeless are expected to access services and activities at the center. The space will also be available to veterans groups, veterans assistance programs, and numerous organizations collaborating to effectively address the issue of homelessness among veterans.

The Masco donation was announced after the Veterans Assistance Council meeting on April 12. The meeting was held in the same room that will be converted into the community center. Melonie Colaianne, president of the MASCO Corporation Foundation, made the announcement.

“On behalf of Masco Corporation, its employees, and its Foundation, we're proud to be associated with the veterans at Piquette and pleased to be able to give back in a small way to those who have given us so much," said Melonie.

Masco had already given generously to Piquette Square during the construction phase and then when the veterans first moved into their apartments.

Masco donated state-of-the-art lighting systems for all 150 units at Piquette. The lighting systems are produced by Verve Living Systems, a new brand within Masco, and are energy efficient and wireless. The value of the donation was $130,000. In addition, Masco offered special discounted pricing for kitchen and bath fixtures. Each of the first 150 Piquette tenants received gift bags put together and delivered by Masco employees.

“Southwest Solutions is indebted to Masco Corporation, its Foundation, and its employees for their commitment to helping homeless veterans secure good homes and the resources they need,” said Bob O'Brien, vice president for development at Southwest Solutions.

“Our organization is committed to operating programs and activities in the new Masco Community Center for Veterans that will enable more veterans to find jobs, positive social outlets, and the support services they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.”

The center will feature new doorways providing direct access to the outside, audio-visual technology, workstations, new furniture, portable room dividers, a kitchenette, and other amenities.

The center is expected to be completed in early fall this year.

Steve Palackdharry
Communications Manager