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5716 Wellness
5716 Wellness is a new integrated healthcare facility at 5716 Michigan Avenue that provides office and clinic space for healthcare providers serving Detroiters. The historic structure was revitalized by Southwest Housing Solutions and is now also home to our Administrative Services Organization (ASO) and many programs in our Children, Youth and Families Center of Excellence. 5716 Wellness opened in early 2011.



5716 Wellness is so named because of the important role it will play in enhancing the health and wellbeing of the community. It is the home of the new integrated health center established through a partnership between Covenant Community Care and Southwest Solutions.

5716 Wellness is a four-story structure that was originally designed by Albert Kahn a century ago as a cigar factory. Here is what the building once looked like (c. 1935, copyright Wayne State University):

Our $12 million renovation preserves the historic character of the building, framed by state-of-the-art construction.

The new health center provides primary medical, pediatric, obstetric, dental, psychiatric, pharmacy and behavioral counseling services. It will serve 10,000 individuals and families annually. All the services are bilingual.

Covenant Community Care occupies the first floor at 5716 Wellness. CCC is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) providing health care services to thousands of uninsured and underinsured individuals and families.

Children, Youth and Families (CYF) programs occupy the fourth floor and part of the third floor. These programs serve families in crisis and children and youth who have a severe emotional disturbance, have been adjudicated by the juvenile court, or are at risk of being placed out of the community due to behavioral problems.

Our ASO, which includes Human Resources and our financial operations, has offices on parts of the second and third floors. John Van Camp (president of Southwest Solutions), Lenora Hardy-Foster (executive director of the ASO), Joseph Tardella (executive director of Southwest Counseling Solutions), and Ozzie Rivera (director of Community Engagement) are based at 5716 Wellness.

Other tenants at 5716 include:

5716 Wellness is located at 5716 Michigan Avenue, Detroit 48210.  To contact our ASO offices, please call 313.481.3100. To contact Children, Youth and Families, call 313.963.2266.

Lenders and Granters:

Numerous partners collaborated to fund the development of 5716 Wellness. They include:

Providing grants for the CCC health space:


In addition to our funding partners, others generously contributed to develop 5716 Wellness. They include:



  • 5716 Wellness is one of the first models of integrated primary and behavioral healthcare in southeast Michigan
  • The net square footage of the building is 50,000 sq. ft.
  • 5716 Wellness will serve 10,000 individuals and families annually
  • All services provided at 5716 are bilingual
  • By addressing both the psychological and physical wellbeing of the child and youth, our integrated and preventive health care facility will have a dramatic impact in the community
  • Our goal is to reduce the number of untreated children and youth by 50% in ten years
  • The integrated services at 5716 will result in stronger families, increased school success, decreased delinquency as well as reducing community health care costs and pressure on overburdened emergency rooms
  • Covenant Community Care will provide 15,000 patient visits to 5,000 patients each year at 5716 Wellness
  • The Children, Youth and Families programs now located at 5716 Wellness served 1200 people in 2010

5716 Wellness is located in the geographic center of southwest Detroit. It is the second project along Michigan Avenue that Southwest Housing Solutions has developed. 6442 Michigan Avenue, a 32-unit mixed-use building offering apartments and commercial space, was completed in 2008.

“5716 Wellness is an important step toward revitalizing the Michigan Avenue corridor,” says Tim Thorland, executive director of Southwest Housing. “We believe the project will anchor and promote further economic investment and development in the area.”

Southwest Housing Solutions and its Neighborhood Preservation Team are involved in plans to create a "Wellness Center Campus" around 5716 Wellness. Residents, local business, community organizations, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders are all part of this effort. The Detroit Collaborative Design Center at the University of Detroit Mercy has been engaged to facilitate the planning.

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